About the Heilman Center for Pain and Spine Care

The Heilman Center for Pain and Spine Care was created for you, someone suffering from chronic pain. We understand that your pain is unique, and you need a solution that addresses your individual pain circumstances and challenges. We’ve learned many of the most important elements of our program from our patients:

Understanding. Pain patients need the support of others who understand and have experience managing chronic pain. the Heilman Center was founded solely to serve patients with chronic pain. Our staff have an ability to anticipate and recognize the needs of a patient struggling with pain due to their years of experience. Patients say the staff truly connects with them, resulting in a comfortable, inviting environment conducive to healing and positive outcomes.

Commitment to you. Our innovative approach pairs you with an experienced Pain Specialist, who will help explain the diagnosis and treatment options that make sense for your situation. Once you discuss your options, together you’ll create a treatment plan designed to keep your chronic pain under control. 

Experience counts. The Heilman Center for Pain and Spine Care draws on the experience of our founders, who have changed lives, serving the unique needs of bariatric and cancer patients for over a quarter century. These programs are recognized nationally for quality and outcomes and set high standards for specialized care. This expertise ensures a program designed with your needs in mind, staffed by pain physicians and a care team that have many years of specialized pain treatment experience. They focus solely on the exclusive needs of each patient.

Quality is crucial. Our patients have expressed that they feel assured in our hospital setting, which is subject to rigorous oversight by independent, third-party accreditation. Unlike doctors’ offices, where a medical assistant may help out, our procedure rooms are staffed by registered nurses who are specially trained for pre- and post-treatment care. Their experience puts you at ease. All treatments are performed in procedure rooms built to meet operating room standards for cleanliness, preparation, equipment and staff. These standards allow us to provide a higher level of care, resulting in a better outcome for you.

We are dedicated to helping our patients find relief from their chronic pain. Due to our exclusive focus on treating chronic pain, you can rely on the team at the Heilman Center to continuously seek out the newest, most effective treatments for controlling your pain.

Please read on to learn about our innovative approach and a commitment to the quality of your care which will help you get back on the path to living your life. Start gaining control of your pain today – call us at 734-796-7555 or Request an Appointment now.