Pinched Nerve Pain Information and Treatment Options

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Have you noticed an unexplained tingling sensation in your arm or leg? Have your first attempts at pinched nerve treatment, such as rest, medication, or chiropractic adjustment, failed to make the problem go away? If so, it’s time to see a pain specialist about your pinched nerve pain.

The location of your pain can help pinpoint exactly where to find your pinched nerve.

  • A pinched nerve in your neck can cause pinched nerve arm pain, pinched nerve chest pain, or pinched nerve shoulder pain.
  • If you feel back pain, or numbness in your legs or feet, your doctor will probably start by investigating pinched nerve lower back treatment options.

Nerves can become pinched, or compressed, by a variety of physical causes. It’s important to say exactly what kinds of pain or other sensations you’re experiencing.

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Pinched Nerve Symptoms

The most common symptom of pinched nerve is numbness or tingling in your arms, hands, legs, or feet. Most patients report that they feel as though their limbs have fallen asleep, but they can’t explain why they would feel that kind of sensation.

You may experience “pins and needles” while carrying out a range of activities, including walking, cooking, lifting, or typing. In some cases, pinched nerves can cause sudden stabbing pains or shooting pains. These pains may seem to radiate from your back or neck and into your limbs.

The effects of a pinched nerve are often felt away from the location of the nerve. For example, a pain specialist might recommend pinched nerve in shoulder treatment if you experience sharp pain or shoulder numbness when you tilt or rotate your neck. The affected nerve is most likely in your neck, even though you feel the symptoms in your shoulder area.

Pinched nerve treatment can help relieve any shooting pains or numbness you may feel. You won’t have to stop doing something because you can’t move your fingers or because you’re overcome by sudden discomfort.

Causes of Pinched Nerves

Many issues can place pressure on the nerves or shift nerves out of place, resulting in pinched nerve pain. These include:

  • Muscle tension
  • Joint swelling or stiffness
  • Slipped or herniated disc
  • Bone spurs
  • Vertebral compression from osteoporosis
  • Issues with spinal joints, such as the facet joints breaking
  • Unusual movement
  • Lifting a heavy object without proper body position
  • Sleeping in an unnatural position

When a nerve is out of place or compressed, it receives unusual pressures in addition to the signals it normally processes. That’s why you feel numbness, tingling, or sudden shooting pains. You may also notice that the muscles around the affected area become tense and stiff. These are called “secondary symptoms.” They’re not directly caused by pinched nerve pain, but pinched nerve treatment can also relieve those symptoms.

Our Pinched Nerve Treatment Options

If you’re like many patients, you’ve already tried medication, chiropractic care, heat or ice, or even bed rest for pinched nerve pain relief. Unfortunately, these treatments don’t resolve the issues that displace the nerve or put pressure on it.

Our pain specialists will start by taking a full medical history and doing an imaging study, like an MRI, to find the exact location of your pinched nerve. Then, they’ll put together a personalized plan for pinched nerve treatment. This plan may include:

Physical Therapy

Gentle exercises and targeted stretching with a physical therapist can ease a displaced nerve back into its proper place. Physical therapy can also help you get stronger, preventing the kinds of injuries that caused your pinched nerve in the first place.

Interventional Therapies

Treatments like steroid injections can ease swelling and inflammation around pinched nerves, relieving the pressure and eliminating pain and numbness.


If your imaging scan reveals a bone spur, severe herniated disc, or other issues that can’t be treated with injections or physical therapy, your pain specialist may recommend minimally invasive surgery.

The Heilman Center’s certified pain specialists have many years of experience diagnosing, studying, and treating pinched nerve pain. We take the time to listen to you, to understand your pain, and to create a personalized treatment plan.

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