Trying to manage pain can be frustrating

It’s hard for people who aren’t experiencing chronic pain to understand how difficult it can be. At the Heilman Center for Pain and Spine Care, our team of pain specialists – pain doctors, physician assistants and nurses – takes the time to listen to you to understand what’s going on. Then they can develop a personalized treatment plan so pain can stop defining your life.

“This is a very different kind of pain treatment center. They really took the time to listen to me. I asked them about other options to better, more consistently control my pain from this Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. My pain level dropped dramatically; it's been under control ever since.” –Jennifer

Expert Staff of Pain Specialists

The Heilman Center is staffed with only the best interventional pain specialist doctors and neurosurgeons. Our physicians have extensive experience and advanced training in pain management.  Many are active teachers and researchers studying chronic pain and pain relief treatment.

The doctors are supported by a team of highly qualified physician assistants and nurses with years of experience caring for patients like you. From the moment you make your first call to speak to a patient support specialist and set up and appointment, you’ll enjoy positive, individual attention from the caring staff at the Heilman Center.

Latest Diagnostic and Treatment Technologies

Choosing the best treatment for pain requires understanding the source of the problem. Using advanced diagnostic equipment and systems, including the latest in X-ray and MRI technology, our experienced pain specialists know just what to look for to uncover the cause of your chronic pain.

Once you receive a diagnosis, the Heilman Center’s pain specialists put together the pain relief treatments that are right for you. We incorporate the latest scientific knowledge and interventions for lasting pain relief, using advanced fluoroscopy and imaging equipment to deliver targeted and accurate treatment.

Highest Standard of Care

In addition to working with highly skilled and knowledgeable doctors, you’ll receive treatment in a clean, state-of-the-art facility, using proven techniques ranging from interventional treatments to surgical care. If one treatment plan doesn’t work, we explore new options, and we don’t give up. We’re committed to helping you fight back against pain and take control of your life again.

  • A Specialty Hospital

All vendors and suppliers have to meet high-quality standards before they’re allowed into hospital settings. By locating our facility within a hospital, we help ensure the quality of equipment and supplies, and provide access to all the resources of a hospital, but maintain a separate clinic solely focused on caring for patients in pain.

  • We Value Your Time

Our office is located adjacent to major interstates, so our treatment center is convenient and easy-to-find. We work hard to get you in and out of your appointments on time so you spend less time at a pain clinic and more time living your life.

  • You’re Welcome Here

We understand that you’re in pain, and some days are better than others. Our staff is ready for you.  Our welcome area is just a short walk from free, ample parking – reducing the stress of attending an appointment or procedure.

  • Dedication to Listening and Understanding

At the Heilman Center, pain specialists are dedicated to listening to you. We spend time to understand your pain, which helps us develop individualized treatment plans that actually work.

Contact the Heilman Center for Pain and Spine Care today by calling 734-796-7555. Our patient service representatives are ready to answer your questions and schedule a consultation with an experienced pain specialist.