Scoliosis and Arthritis Pain Relief with Help from a Pain Specialist

“Nothing was working. Then I found the Heilman Center and everything changed.”

Heilman: Christie

“I lost two years of my life. It was heartbreaking to watch my kids grow up and I couldn’t be there with them. It makes me cry every time I think about it”

Christie’s back pain was from scoliosis and arthritis. The pain started out as an irritation, but gradually became worse over the next year until it sapped all the joy out of her life. Standing long enough to prepare dinner for her family was a strain. Sitting in the bleachers to watch her son play sports put her in agony. And she feared that she would no longer be able to work at the job she loved. It was a struggle to make it through each day with scoliosis back pain that was often a level 10.

Christie didn’t give up when the treatments her primary care doctor prescribed didn’t provide relief for her scoliosis pain. In the back of her mind, she had flickers of hope that someone, somewhere, could help her. She kept searching and found the Heilman Center online. She called and had a consultation 3 days later.  After one treatment, Christie found pain relief. Now, Christie is out living and enjoying her life again.

“I get tearful when I think about how much pain I was in every day.”

At first, Christie went to her family doctor for help with her pain. The first recommendation she received was pain medication, but that wasn’t an option for Christie. She needed to be alert with 3 children at home and a school full of children at work. Physical therapy was her next option to find exercises that could provide relief for her scoliosis pain. She endured physical therapy for months. Not only did physical therapy fail to provide pain relief, for days after a session the pain was so intense she could not get out of bed. She tried chiropractic treatments, acupuncture and injections. Nothing provided lasting relief. Treatments were making things worse for her, not better. When back surgery that required a 6-month rehabilitation was recommended she knew she needed to look elsewhere for help.

“When you’re in pain people don’t see your pain. They only see what you can’t do.”
Christie with boy
Christie with doctor

After two years of enduring constant pain, Christie decided it was time to find a Pain Specialist.  Her search led her to the Heilman Center.  The Pain Management doctor at the Heilman Center told Christie that the best option for relief from her scoliosis pain was injections. And if those did not work, there were other options to explore. After her very first injection, Christie was back to the active, fun-loving mom and teacher she was years earlier. The scoliosis back pain wasn’t just improved, it was gone!

“I’m living a normal life. I can exercise, work-out—anything I want to do, I can. I come in every 8 weeks for an injection. I take it easy the rest of that day, by the next morning, I am a new woman.”

Christie is happy to report that life is much better now that she’s gotten pain relief. She is able to do pretty much anything she wants. Her family is taking vacations together again. She is back to playing and coaching softball. She’s back at work with a new vigor and enthusiasm. Her life is no longer centered around and limited by her scoliosis pain. And that makes her happy.

Christie found the team at the Heilman Center to be amazing—kind and welcoming. Even more important was the assurance that they would be able to help her find pain relief. From her first visit, Christie knew she was in the right place. “I’ll never forget that moment when they told me they could help me and that I would be able to live a pain-free life. I felt hopeful for the first time in a long time.”

Christie is playing

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