Sharon_ServingSevere back pain caused Sharon to miss out on a life she loved.

Like many patient testimonials we hear at the Heilman Center, Sharon was passionate about spending time with friends and family, working, and volunteering. A strange twist in her back that lingered and intensified was debilitating, with no relief for seven years that made her immobile and feeling helpless, and not able to use her arms or hands.

The unusual injury was a disc slipping into her spine, one that puzzled even hospital doctors before she visited the Heilman Center.

The trusted team of pain management specialists at the Heilman Center has delivered a pain solution that has allowed Sharon to return to the people and hobbies she loves most. Successful and positive chronic pain patient reviews like Sharon’s occur constantly at our pain treatment clinic. Our team of pain treatment experts works with individuals to determine the ideal treatment that can help them get back to leading healthier lives.

“I’m doing things I never thought I’d be able to do again. My life is back.” – Sharon


Like many people who suffer from chronic pain in the pain treatment testimonials we hear, Sharon’s discomfort was unanticipated and came unexpectedly. As she was scrapbooking, one of her favorite hobbies, Sharon suddenly felt a sharp pain in her back that she dismissed as temporary. It would come back in short bursts, but then it stayed and got worse.

As a self-proclaimed “people person” who loved spending time with her grandchildren and friends, the pain she experienced not only hurt her physically, but mentally and socially, as she felt isolated. Even simple tasks such as household chores, grocery shopping, and going out to eat with her husband were too painful for Sharon.

Sharon visited many doctors, including those at a major hospital, who were unable to treat her pain because her case where her spinal disc slipped up high in the thoracic region was so uncommon. With pressure on her spinal cord that caused significant upper back pain, Sharon underwent costly and invasive spinal surgery that failed. The hardware in her back was removed, and Sharon’s pain increased.

Finally, a Pain Solution That Works

With nothing to lose, Sharon decided to drive 45 minutes to visit the Heilman Center. Compared to the many other pain specialists she had visited before, she immediately recognized the positive difference in her treatment here, from the caring interactions with our staff to the knowledge of our pain specialists.

After reviewing Sharon’s MRI, the pain specialist made several treatment recommendations, including injections. Sharon was concerned about injections, since previous attempts at other places took 45 agonizing minutes to locate the right injection spots. However, at the Heilman Center, Sharon was in and out of the treatment center quickly.

sharon-smilingSharon is thrilled to be able to resume the lifestyle that brings her so much joy, from working as a waitress, to volunteering at a retirement home, to shopping and cooking for her family, to playing with her grandchildren and getting back to shooting photography and scrap-booking. She once again has full control of her arms and hands and finally feels relief from the chronic pain she suffered.

“I come in every one to two months for injections, and it’s actually a great experience. My husband and I even go out to breakfast afterwards! My pain level is now a 0 to 2, and I don’t have to think about back surgery.”– Sharon

The High Cost of Back Pain

Back pain in the United States and beyond is substantial and costly. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke reports:

  • 80 percent of adults experience back pain at some point
  • Back pain is the most common cause of job-related disability and missed work days
  • Back pain is the third-highest most burdensome condition in the U.S. in terms of mortality or poor health

A Duke University Medical Center study found patients who suffer from back pain consume more than $90 billion annually in health care expenses. An immediate and long-term solution offered by the pain specialists at the Heilman Center improves patient health and saves patients time and money in searching for meaningful results.

The Heilman Center Creates Positive Pain Treatment Testimonials

At the Heilman Center, we understand your pain is individual to you. Our pain specialists provide real solutions and personalized care at our specialty hospital setting. We work diligently to understand your pain history, what treatments you’ve tried and how they’ve affected you, and what your health goals are. Our pain specialists care about helping you lead a happier and healthier life that is free from chronic pain.

The countless positive patient testimonials we receive at the Heilman Center give insight into how we can help your unique case. If you suffer from chronic pain, call to set up an appointment to learn more information about minimally invasive solutions for long-term relief.

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