Your Individual Care

We often hear from our patients that their pain is difficult to explain or misunderstood. This causes them to repeatedly visit their doctor - who they sense becomes tired of their visits and complaints.

You’re welcome here.

From the moment you enter the Heilman Center for Pain and Spine Care’s facility you feel welcome and can appreciate the design, which takes comfort needs into consideration.

  • Ample parking, free of charge, is just a short distance from the front door
  • The front doors are wide and open automatically as you approach
  • Reception for any appointment is just steps inside the front doors

We value your time.

Our specially designed facility makes effective use of space to keep appointments moving smoothly.

  • Office consultations and procedures are on the same floor, close to reception
  • An efficient layout of procedure rooms allows for faster visits and on-time appointments
  • Procedure rooms meet operating room standards for cleanliness, preparation, equipment and staff

The highest standard of care.

The quality of care you receive is crucial to your safety and success in treatment. Because the Heilman Center is based in a hospital, a higher standard of care is delivered for you.

  • Unlike most physicians offices, our hospital is accredited, with regular reviews by third-party independent experts
  • Hospital has access to nationally recognized suppliers for meeting high quality standards before becoming approved vendors
  • You can have peace of mind that any emergency that arises can be handled immediately with the staff and equipment on hand

Our staff is specially trained and committed to treating pain. They understand that pain is personal, and that just as your pain is unique – so are you as an individual.

  • Specialized staff spend all of their time with pain patients, so they know what to expect and can anticipate your unique needs
  • Our procedure rooms are staffed by several medical professionals who are specially trained for pre- and post-surgical care such as registered nurses, radiology technicians, medical assistants and anesthesiologists
  • We recruit the best physicians, then they undergo rigorous credentialing and regular monitoring, with independent peers evaluating the quality of their work

Our staff  makes you a priority. They know you’re an individual, not just a number – and want to get you back on the path to living your life.

Talk to a Patient Service Representative today at 734-796-7555 to ask any questions you may have, or to request an appointment with one of our Pain Specialists.