With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s a great time to take a look at gratitude—what it is and how it can help us get more out of life.

What is gratitude?

  • Gratitude is a way of looking at the world; looking for and expressing thankfulness for the good.
  • We can choose gratitude in any situation or circumstance.
  • Gratitude is a coping skill that can be practiced and developed.
  • Gratitude can improve happiness.
  • It can help us be more resilient in the face of hard times.
  • It may help us stay healthier and recover from illness sooner.
  • Gratitude has the potential to change our lives for the better.
  • It is an expression of thankfulness for a gift given by another person.
  • It is a sense of contentment for our circumstances in life.
  • Being grateful doesn’t ignore or negate sadness and pain, but instead being consumed by them, making the choice to notice the things that are right.
  • Gratitude can help get through a bad situation and realize that even if nothing changes, there is still a lot of goodness in life.
  • We can have thoughts of gratitude, even when we are not feeling grateful.
  • Gratitude helps us to better weather life’s storms—coping better with temporary and permanent situations.
  • Scientists have found that focusing on what you are grateful for releases the feel good hormones of dopamine and serotonin into your body.
  • Having a grateful mindset may become easier with practice. Searching for something to be grateful for can make specific neurons in your brain more efficient–making it easier to feel grateful over time.