Anti-Inflammation Lifestyle: Keep Inflammation in Check

Acute inflammation is the body’s protective reaction to infection or injury. Part of the inflammation process is pain, which is caused by swelling tissues pressing on nerves, and the production of chemical substances that send pain signals to the brain. As the injury heals or the body fights off the foreign invader, inflammation diminishes and the body turns off its defensive mode—all good for protecting the body.

Unfortunately, inflammation isn’t perfectly exact. At times, inflammatory chemicals are produced that are not needed or necessary chemicals are produced in abundance. Chronic inflammation can result–a long-term protective response in which the body acts as if it is under constant attack. Chronic inflammation is a healthy response gone awry and is at the root of many diseases including arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and obesity.

The good news is that lifestyle choices may help. A healthy weight, a good diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep and managed stress may all keep chronic inflammation in check and decrease the risk for disease.