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Chronic Pain and Depression Have a Two-Way Relationship

The mind and the body are intimately connected. This is demonstrated by the two-way relationship of chronic pain and depression. The stress of chronic pain, affecting all aspects of life--the ability to work, exercise, be around others, get around, and enjoy hobbies can lead to isolation and depression. Depression then can make pain more intense. [...]

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Stress Less

Anti-Inflammation Lifestyle: Manage Stress Our reaction to stressful situations can include the production of inflammatory chemicals.  Studies support this additional source of chronic inflammation.  Consider meditation, relaxation techniques, cognitive therapy, exercise, and other stress management techniques as part of your overall plan to reduce inflammation. Checking chronic inflammation with diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications makes sense. [...]

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Improve Your Sleep Quality

Anti-Inflammation Lifestyle: Adequate Sleep People who do not sleep long enough or who have a poor quality of sleep have higher levels of inflammation.  The magic number seems to be 6-9 hours nightly.  Those getting less or more have higher levels of inflammation.    And it is not just the quantity, but the quality of sleep that [...]

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Move More; Feel Better

Anti-Inflammation Lifestyle: Consistent Exercise Regular, moderate exercise helps to reduce acute inflammatory responses, allowing for faster healing.  Exercise has also been found to decrease chronic inflammation.  The more physically fit a person is, the fewer inflammatory chemicals his body produces.  So not only do regular exercisers heal faster when injured, they also have less risk for [...]

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Lose Weight; Lower Inflammation

Anti-Inflammation Lifestyle: A Healthy Weight Even more important than the foods you choose to eat, maintaining a healthy weight may be your best defense against chronic inflammation. Fat cells themselves increase inflammation in the body.  The links between obesity and osteoarthritis, diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome are very close.  The heavier the person, the higher [...]

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Anti-Inflammation Eating

Anti-Inflammation Lifestyle: Healthy Food Choices Science is not always conclusive, often leaving us with more questions than answers; but interestingly, many of the recommendations for lowering chronic inflammation go right along with conventional wisdom for good overall health.  An anti-inflammatory lifestyle will take longer to work than an anti-inflammatory drug—rather than an hour, don’t expect any [...]

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